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Water Filtration

Why Filter?

Home water filters have gained wide spread popularity in recent years. As the most logical, convenient and economical solution for high-quality water, water filters offer many benefits over tap water and bottled water. Water Filters are also better for our Planet! Each day in America over 60 million plastic bottles are produced, filled, transported and disposed of in U.S. landfills from bottled water use.

Home water filtration offers higher quality than bottled water and the convenience of tap. For 10 cents a gallon you can have great-tasting, healthy, chemical-free water for drinking, preparation of beverages and cooking… all at the touch of a button!
Unlike bottled water, home water filters are required to document the purity of the water they produce. In many states, including CA, WI, MA, IA, TX, FL & NY, it is unlawful to make uncertified claims for home water filters, but not always enforced. Look for California Dept of Health, Underwriters Laboratories or NSF Water Quality Certification to ensure you are getting the right product. These strict regulations allow consumers a means for accurately comparing and substantiating a water filter’s performance capabilities and value. Certain states, California being the strictest, require manufacturers to have all promotional, advertising, website and packaging materials reviewed by the Department Of Health for accuracy prior to certification. The California Certification is one of the best ways to determine a product’s true performance levels.

Bottled water, on the other hand, is virtually unregulated. The FDA laws on bottled water only require it to be as good as tap, not better. And the FDA regulations only apply if the water is transported across a state line. Most bottled water is bottled and sold in the same state in order to avoid regulation.

Home water filters are a healthier, more economical and more eco-friendly way to ensure great water quality for your home.

Shower Filters
Shower filters offer surprising health and cosmetic benefits to users. With the realization that more than double the levels of chlorine and other synthetic chemicals (SOCs/VOCs) enter our body through skin absorption and inhalation of steam while showering than from drinking water, the need and benefits of shower filtration have become very obvious. Shower filtration is one of the best and easiest ways to reduce our harmful exposure to chlorine and other tap water contaminants.
The American Journal of Public Health links chlorine to “significant increases in certain types of cancer, asthma and skin irritations…” and stated that “up to two-thirds of the harmful exposure was due to skin absorption and inhalation of chlorine in shower water”.
The U.S. EPA recently stated that “Due to chlorine and showering, virtually every home in America has a detectable level of chloroform gas in the air.” When chlorine vaporizes in steam, and combines with other organic compounds in the air, it converts to chloroform. Chloroform is a strong respiratory irritant and causes fatigue.
Rutgers University researchers confirm that we take in the same levels of chloroform in a ten-minute shower as we would get from drinking 2 liters of tap water. Chloroform is a toxic byproduct of chlorine.
Most people don’t realize that tap water typically contains at or above the level of chlorine recommended for swimming pools, 1 to 1.5 ppm. A warm shower opens up the pores of the skin and allows a high rate of absorption of chlorine and other chemicals. The steam we inhale while showering can contain up to 20 times the concentration of chlorine and other synthetic chemicals as tap water, due to the fact that these chemicals vaporize at a much lower temperature and at a much faster rate than water. While over 98% of the water coming from the showerhead goes down the drain, 70% to 90% of the chemicals in the water vaporize before the water hits the shower floor.
Inhalation of chlorine and chemical vapors is a suspected cause of asthma and bronchitis. When chemicals are inhaled into our lungs they enter directly into our bloodstream and can have magnified effects compared with ingested chemicals that are partially filtered by digestion. A recent study showed that over one-fourth of the United States Olympic swim team members suffer from some degree of asthma due to prolonged chlorine inhalation.
Removing chlorine and other volatile chemicals with a quality shower filter offers great health benefits.

Chlorine also strips the natural protective oils from skin and hair, causing excess drying and aging. In addition to the obvious health benefits of showering in chemical-free water, the cosmetic benefits are even more noticeable. Anyone who has ever gone swimming in a chlorinated pool can relate to the harsh drying effect that chlorine has on your skin and hair. Without the negative effects of chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water, your skin and hair retain moisture more effectively for a younger, healthier look and feel. Chemical-free water also extends the life of hair coloring and highlights.
“It’s like showering in natural spring water!”
Jonathan Antin/Jonathan Products/QVC

“Filtering the water you shower in is as important or more so than filtering drinking water…”
Dr. Julian Whitaker